Distributed and Cloud Computing

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The large diffusion of mobile devices enabling ubiquitous access to billions of software services and interconnected things imposes very challenging performance requirements to content and service providers. The computing infrastructures hosting the backends of such services must be scalable and elastic, to sustain dynamically changing peak workloads, and pervasive, to bring the computation close to users and reduce network latency, possibly limiting the amount of data exchanged through geographic networks. This research focuses on:

  • solutions for the efficient and flexible management of complex platforms and applications;
  • heterogeneous and dynamic computational infrastructures in the context of the cloude/edge scenarios;
  • resource management algorithms supporting the smart mapping of applications on clouds and federated environments.
Nicola Tonellotto
Nicola Tonellotto
Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering

Nicola Tonellotto is Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at the Information Engineering Department of the University of Pisa, Italy. His research interests include cloud computing, distributed systems, and Web information retrieval.